Arauco Aceites Varietales Zuccardi


We cultivate our olive orchards at the foot of the Andes, where desert conditions are ideal for natural agriculture. The pronounced thermal amplitude enhances the qualitative expression of different varieties, especially our local variety Arauco.


Committed to the development of the region, the engineer Alberto Zuccardi founded Familia Zuccardi in 1963. In a desert area such as Mendoza, agriculture is only possible with irrigation, which is why Alberto Zuccardi sought to perfect an irrigation system of his own design. During his search, he discovered his passion for wine growing. Following in his footsteps but leaving his own dynamic and innovative imprint, his son Jose Alberto began to lead the growth and development that allowed the company to consolidate and grow into the most demanding markets. Today, the company includes the talents of the third generation of the family as well as work teams. The Zuccardi family continues to follow the founding commitment, marking a path of shared values that allows us to continue highlighting Mendoza’s unique features.

The beginnings of the Zuccardi Family Varietal Olive Oil project were based on Miguel Zuccardi’s firm intent to develop the region’s potential. Its first harvest was in 2004. Reaffirming the family’s innovative spirit, this line of Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oils now includes four of the oldest varieties in Mendoza, including the local Arauco variety, which has been present in the Americas for almost five hundred years.


Arauco’s fruitiness is intense. Its green profile is characterized by notes of aromatic herbs and apples. Its high amount of phenolic compounds gives it a medium-high intensity. Fruitiness increases markedly during ripening.
Arauco Aceites Varietales Zuccardi


Oldest variety. It used to be the most cultivated variety in the country, which is why it is often called “Criolla.”
Arauco Aceites Varietales Zuccardi


Very aromatic variety. Notes of tomato and freshly cut grass.
Arauco Aceites Varietales Zuccardi
Arauco Aceites Varietales Zuccardi


Complex and intense fruitiness. Medium to medium-high bitterness and spice, depending on its ripeness.
Arauco Aceites Varietales Zuccardi


We suggest sprinkling it on red meat, in spiced dishes, tomato sauces, and hard and spicy cheeses.


In the search for the best varietal expression and in the spirit of innovation, we have hand-picked the varieties in this line.
Premio Flos Olei - Aceites Varietales Zuccardi

Olio Nuovo Days Ethical Award
Recognition for sustainable practices in the cultivation and production of oil as well as the different productive and human sustainability projects that Familia Zuccardi develops both for its direct collaborators and for the communities where its crops and productive plants are immersed.

Oliva de Miguel Zuccardi



Olive oil is one of the oldest and most noble foods known. The almost 300 pages of this book tell about the origin, history and production of this liquid gold. It also brings this millenary food closer to the curious consumer and introduces it into its daily use. Through a very attractive and dynamic tour, it reviews the secrets and challenges of the olive oil industry and gives a detail of the best and most frequent varieties that are exhibited in MENDOZA, where the Arauco dazzles. Here, high quality EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL is the protagonist. How to appreciate it and how to pair it with food, is one of the many things that can be discovered in the reading of OLIVA.